A group exhibition featuring

Garret Gould    Claudia O'Steen   Sophia Sobers

August 21st - September 13th



GRIN is pleased to present tttrip., a group exhibition of installation and sculpture by artists Claudia O’Steen, Garret Gould, and Sophia Sobers.

A trip is a form of disconnection and an experience of time. Whether referring to the tripping of a circuit or a ride in an airplane, a trip brings about a drastic change to the subject and it’s surroundings. The work in tttrip. explores the various aspects of the word through visual, physical, conceptual experiences. 

Claudia O’Steen’s work exhibits both analog and digital forms of communication alongside their inability to compose the intended outcome. Through the position of altered and handmade objects, O’Steen places the utmost importance on the hand of the artist as well as the potential relationship it creates with the viewer. Elements such as extension cords wrapped and painted provide an alternate route for the viewers’ experience with the work – often leading them to a new conclusion or a destination.

Garret Gould provides a subtle playfulness in the journey of the viewer. With a propensity for humor and the anatomy of "the joke", Gould’s sculptures suggest a hesitation before comprehension, which ultimately creates an interpretive interaction.

Sophia Sobers’ installations in tttrip. reference the displacement of objects and the presence they hold in their surrogate environments. Sobers’ works are representations and documentations of her meditative practice - attempting to achieve a more intimate connection with nature and her environment. Sobers aims for a better understanding of the ephemerality of the natural world parallel to her place within it.


Revealing is a process of, not an outcome. The pace of joke is it's touchstone, come at the punchline too quickly and the audience will feel alienated, and too slow and they begin to lose interest. But what of the punchline, what is it? What is its relationship to the joke? What is the consequence of revealing something that is outside the subject matter of the story, the joke? What happens when the punchline isn’t related, through associations or appropriations, but by its accompaniment with the joke. What happens if the punchline has the ability to be removed from whole? What if the humor lies with just “being” there? My focus is the subject of accompaniment; and its ability to travel with, to pace with, something that is from somewhere else. The joke and punchline. Two contexts coexisting.




This body of work creates both a space and a void. It speaks of the moment after an utterance, before the utterance reaches another. It fails at communication, but tells you that it is possible. It underscores the absence of being there. My work revolves around my desire to substantiate my existence, and the need to reach out beyond my isolation to connect with the viewer.





Ecology and systems. Those are two starting points from which I create. Inspired by the environment around us, my work reflects both the barren and bountiful, often merging outside elements with inside technologies. Perhaps I am searching to create that perfect primordial garden merged with a futuristic biosphere. The end result is often meditative, silent, and absent of human presence, but invites you to explore the remains of something which has been left behind.



For more information or to schedule an interview, please send an email to or call 401-272-0796.