Every Center is an Illusion No. 08 by Catherine Hood


Every Center is an Illusion No. 08 by Catherine Hood


Every Center is an Illusion No. 08    
Walnut Ink with Saffron and Brandy on Paper    
30” x 22”    

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Is it our visceral relationship to physical structures around us?
Is it the humanoid, tension and fullness and gravity and impermanence?
Is it the practice of self-affliction towards a higher spiritual or philosophical purpose?
Is it the confluence of micro and macro, cosmos and chaos, tangible and intangible?
Is it the infinite connections (sic), ordered but mysterious networks and systems that catalogue experience and quantify consciousness?
Is it the cosmic, the empty (or full?), the unknown?
Catherine M. Hood is a Providence-based artist with Northwest roots. Influenced by the scientific process and such disciplines as neuroscience, chemistry, astrophysics, geometry, engineering, and astronomy, her work nonlinearly inquires into memory, loss, meaning,
transience, temporality, emptiness, and poignan