TEEM Artist of the Day- Paul O'Brien



I run a workshop at The Andy Warhol Museum in connection with a grief center. A dozen teens print portraits of a person that has died that was very dear to them. Through multiple silk screen printing techniques they create a set of portraits in Pop colors. In this way they are able to spend a morning thinking of the person that they have lost while having fun with them again. The Palettes and the ease with which to duplicate the image removes the image from being a relic and brings it back to the land of the living.

I am determined to cheat death.

Over the past four years, as the Studio Programs Coordinator For The Warhol, I’ve had to transition from painter to printer. I have always painted like a printer and now, I print like a painter. I construct these prints much like I did my watercolors through layering transparency and solidity. Appropriating imagery from vintage photographs of anonymous subjects by unknown photographers I am able to continue my exploration of False Nostalgia. I like the idea of images of the past being updated; making the images more durable and more vibrant in order to have a place in contemporary life.