TEEM Artist of the day- Katrina Ellis



Katrina Ellis’ mixed-media works explore themes of memory, mortality and alienation. Pulling from traditions of craft, storytelling and mythos, she works in series, creating artworks that inform each other and imply a greater narrative when viewed together. Recent works explore the realm where memory and dreams are blurred, aware of the tension created by a natural world that feels simultaneously full of wonderous connections, spirituality and can also be overwhelmingly alienating. The subjects of both her drawings and objects draw from the natural world but often cross over to the supernatural or mythic, utilizing a subtlety that may allow the content to appear deceptively simple at first glance.

As a creative only-child, Ellis grew up looking for the magic in the everyday, and her works often attempt to unveil the possibilities of the flexible reality human consciousness grasps at while trying to recapture the wonder of looking at the world through child-like eyes. Ellis is interested in the human propensity to view life through constructed narratives: visual art, cinematic works and music all play into this desire. Contemporary pop-culture undoubtedly plays a large role in her ideas of a creative culture, most remarkably the music that is her constant companion in the process of creation.