SWELL Artist of the day | Leah Piepgras

SWELL Artist of the day 
Leah Piepgras

"In my work, I think of thoughts as clouds and mists, and how, before you can grasp a full idea, they float away and all you are left with is a feeling, an intention. I don't think of these thoughts as lost though. I think of them in a constant state of visual change, with only the pithy truth of the idea remaining as the actual, physical, constant. " - Excerpt from artist statement

Seeing Seeing
Ink And Acrylic on Duralar, Arches, PVA
12.25 X 12 in.


See the whole series on view at GRIN through March 1st. Leah will also have a solo exhibition at GRIN opening in June, 2014. 

For additional information, please contact the gallery directly.