SWELL Artist of the Day — Heather Leigh McPherson

SWELL Artist of the Day
Heather Leigh McPherson

My work tries to account for dislocations in consciousness and to
evoke the sensations of shifting identity. I'm interested in the
experience of obsessive second-guessing, arguing with oneself, and
indecision. These things speak to a larger struggle of determining how
a person should be, and point to the belief that any answers to this
question--firm models of right living or good personhood-- can only be
provisional. For me, exploring unfixed personhood in painting
necessarily constitutes a position taken against the myth of
individualism-- a myth that defines the art historical avant-garde as
well as the corporate ethos of our present moment.




Yokel Mask
72 x 66 in.
Ink, Acrylic and Spray Paint on Canvas

On view at GRIN through March 1st.