Steven Pestana on Temporary Land Bridge

GRIN artist Steven Pestana was recently featured on Temporary Land Bridge, an arts platform whose mission is to encounter art practice at its various stages: creation, contextualization, and exhibition.

Steven Pestana, Animus: In Casus Hominis Simultas (Detail, Center Panel), Photo, Archival Inkjet Print, Walnut, and Artist-Designed Frame, 50.5” x 26″, 2013

"Collectively, the works comprising Metaphysics form an elaborate system describing how we experience the universe, and how that process, in turn, shapes and transforms our world. The project’s imagery embodies several distinct, yet visually cohesive languages to explore this multifaceted process. Craft-based techniques seamlessly meld with next generation technologies, uniting traditional wood and metalwork, casting, and analogue media alongside electronics, digital rendering, and fabrication." - Excerpt from Temporary Land Bridge

See the entire statement here: