A year in review at GRIN


We are over the moon about our line-up for 2015; in a couple days we open Standard Deviations by Sandra Erbacher, and up after that is a stunning new series by Jodie Mim Goodnough and wildly impressive ceramic work by Jeanie Lynn Hulen, to be followed up by a slew of engaging solo and group exhibitions.  As excited as we are about what's  to come, we are embarassingly proud of what GRIN accomplished in the last 12 months.

2014 was a blur. We signed our first represented artists (Miika Benedetti, Matthew King, Steven Pestana and Leah Piepgras), had 11 exhibitions and presented over 400 works of art. We joined artsy and our exhibitions were seen by over 100,000 people. We've had live music, performance, poetry readings and panel discussions. We smiled a lot. We had portfolio reviews, studio visits and pulled just the right number of all-nighters. We've met people from all over the world. We broke our toes, hurt our backs and got a lot of drywall dust in our eyes.  We learned that people really like to add the word "Gallery" to our name, and that we kind of hate it. We made surprising  decisions, great friends and food for a lot of people. We had a month long disco party. We've not stopped for a minute. 

There were too many great days and nights to remember here, but we wanted to share some of our highlights. Thank you all for your time, support and for being a part of GRIN.

Here's to another great year!