Follow in Turn
Might & Main Collective

November 21st - December 27th

GRIN is pleased to announce Follow in Turn, a debut installation of two and three-dimensional works by the Might & Main Collective.

The Might & Main Collective is a cast of rotating, decentralized artists who create multimedia installations across various settings. Follow in Turn is the realization of a collaboration between four artists living and working in various locations throughout New England.

The exhibition consists of works that describe notions of change through a variety of different channels including senescence, catalyst, time, and force. Employing these processes to alter naturally occurring materials, such as wood or copper, the artists have created allegorical works that reference human experience- specifically the changeability of relationships.  The works denote significant personal connotation to the artists that created them while maintaining a universal recognizance that allow the viewer to relate the show to their unique understanding.

Because change takes place over a period of time, whether gradual or sudden, the works of Follow in Turn provide either a snapshot of a given process, or a product of that process. These gradual adjustments are typically missed in real time, and can only be understood in hindsight. 

By acknowledging how we, as humans, are unable to control the constant, inhuman subjugations that change us moment-to-moment, progress is possible.



Launched by GRIN, Might & Main is a collective of rotating, decentralized artists who create multimedia installations across various settings.
The collective aims to give its members an opportunity to create outside of their normal process, while working together towards an accessible goal.

Each project demands a new skill, media or process be attempted. Through this, Might & Main members are given a reason to create work they may not otherwise pursue.

As new experiences, skills, and concepts are collected, the individuals that make up Might & Main are able to expand their personal theses in directions previously out of reach.