Ad Proof by Elizabeth Hatke

Elizabeth Hatke 'untitled' (ad proof).JPG
Elizabeth Hatke 'untitled' (ad proof).JPG

Ad Proof by Elizabeth Hatke


Ad Proof
Elizabeth Hatke
Digital Photograph
8 3/8" x 9 3/8"

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Elizabeth Hatke, graduating with my BFA in glass from Massachusetts College of Art and Design in 2014, I have been traveling across the country for different awards and internships since May. Although obtaining a degree in glass, my focus is in sculpture in general, using materials specific to the idea rather than letting materials alone drive my making. A recent interest in imagery has led me to creating prints and photographs in order to bring a different attitude and impact that is exclusive to the world of the second dimension.

Slippery silicone stumps, draped glass blood puddles, and snipped enameled limbs with hollow cores depict my fabricated reality. Biomorphic shapes represent disconnection between physical authenticity and mental apprehension. My work creates a psychological experience through transformation of material and content, detaching from corporeal and emotional familiarity and entering a surreal realm. This conversion drives a curiosity about normalcies and realities.

Inquisitiveness is initially formed by the idea of Eros, the desire for that which is missing. Tantalized, I was driven to fabricating a transitional phase because I am attracted to the idea of what lies ‘in-between’: the stage in which something is shifting from one thing to another, but is neither. What is ‘in-between’ is instead a separate entity. Pinning down the impression of change by taking what is ephemeral and freezing it, I explore possibilities of a suspended dying or an animated death through various iterations to reveal my modified reality. This uncanny sensation creates uneasiness, it is not meant to be something defined, but instead open-ended and forever just out of grasp.