Riding Yggdrasil to bring down Leviathan and with only the Magpies standing in the way to dampen the blow and keep us from lowering Saturn’s gallows via Archimedean Screw, Academy Records brings it all together on October 8 at GRIN. Performed for the first time since 2006, Academy Records brings together nine rock and roll drummers in an encore performance of Defeat! Thus the Magpie, Rider of Leviathan, Herald of Saturn – The 9 Choirs.  Originally performed at Chicago’s historic Hyde Park Art Center as part of a larger body of work entitled Le Conqueroo, the piece features a percussion performance, running 45 minutes.

Featuring Anthony Elms, Alexander Garzone, Alex Hamrick, Dan Talbot, Seth Manchester, Kyle Stumpe, James Toomey, Eddie Villanueva, and Chris Vorhees.


Academy Records is a platform for live performance, recorded events and printed ephemera. This model allows working themes to expand and build in multiplicities due to varying forms and delivery strategies.  Producing works that take on lives both immediate and enduring, Academy Records projects are collaborative and inclusive, and many include different kinds of creators, including aural, visual and performing artists, designers, writers and filmmakers.  In the past, works have consisted of independently-produced 7-inch records, live broadcast radio plays, 16mm films, performances and installations, and each has contained within them a printed element. Each Academy Records' project is concept specific, and usually of a DIY nature to encompass the various networks, collaborators and participants offered up by smaller economies. Therefore, Academy Records' productions purposefully utilize simple means, readily available resources, and experimental ideas.