Circle of Fifths (And Reverse)
Thomas Ricci

June 13th ONLY!
12PM - 8PM

Circle of Fifths (And Reverse) is a two channel video and sound installation that addresses the relationship of the color spectrum and sound frequency of notes arranged in the circle of fifths. 

The work is played in time to move both clockwise and counter clockwise through the circle, the right being clockwise and the left counter clockwise resulting in combinations of color and sound relationships that occur in the space between. 

Watch the complete work here.



Born in Pennsylvania, educated in Portland, Oregon (PNCA) and Providence Rhode Island (RISD), Thomas Ricci is a multidisciplinary artist making non-narrative audiovisual work that explores the viewer's perception of sound, image and time. Working mostly in motion graphics and sound, he draws inspiration from experimental filmmakers, painters, musicians and sound artists from the 1950s and 1960s, he is drawn to the dichotomy of simple form and complex structure. He is interested in making contemplative and visceral work that investigates relationships between sound and image as well as light and space.