Bands, film screenings, performances, happenings, and goings-on to be announced in the coming weeks! RSVP via Facebook or check back here for consistent information and updates!  Artwork will be on exhibition and for sale in the Machines with Magnets gallery space for one night only. Stay tuned for a complete list of participating artists.

Spooky decorations, costume contests with artist-made prizes, thematic beverages, and so many other great surprises in store!

Please consider attending BROUHAHA to ensure we can continue our planned program at GRIN in Providence, Rhode Island and expand our reach to new heights!


Since opening in June of 2013, GRIN has presented over 40 exhibitions, showing over 135 emerging artists, in Providence and other cities across the country. Begining in 2015, GRIN furthered the critical dialogue through a series of interviews, one for each exhibtion at GRIN. We often pair the exhibting artist (or artists) with a number of curators, critics, artists, and organizers from all over the country to enage in a free-flowing interview or round table discussion. This often provides additional context, information, and insight into the artists' process and product. We provide all of this content at no cost, and work very hard to make sure the quality of what we present continues to strengthen the local and greater community of emerging contemporary art. We've been fortunate to work with like-minded artist and curators who share our goal, and have worked alongside us and supported us immensely thus far.

To round out our third full year of programming, GRIN will be participating in not one, but two art fairs in Miami this December! GRIN will be attending both UNTITLED, Art and SATELLITE Art Show during the week of Art Basel Miami Beach in Florida. We will present collaborative project Fantasia Colorado by Providence duo Belleau + Churchill during SATELLITE. We will be presenting works and installations by Heather Leigh McPherson (RI), Ross Normandin (MA), and Joseph Leroux (PA) as part of UNTITLED.

In 2017, GRIN will present 10 exhibitions by local, regional, and international artists in our main gallery space. We also plan to attend numerous art fairs and extracurricular exhibitions from New York to Miami and beyond. We're constantly expanding our program both physically and conceptually, and have grand ambitions for the future of GRIN, our artists, and the future of artist-run spaces in small cities around the country. It seems we have no limit!



This event is sponsored in part by The Providence Art + Design Film Festival and Big Red & Shiny. If you'd like to become a sponsor or participating artist for BROUHAHA, please contact Corey Oberlander or Lindsey Stapleton via