★★★★★  Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful Rose!

When my niece was born, I gazed at her sweet, angelic face and told my sister that her skin was as soft and beautiful as a beautiful pink rose. My beautiful niece turned 50 this year and I sent her 50 beautiful roses, one for each year of her precious life--a blessing to all who know her. I did not get to see the roses in person, but she told me they came beautifully pack and were wonderfully fresh. I purchased a red rose as well to make a beauty and the beast rose for my wedding. The material of the roses are extremely high quality and are the only fake roses that look real to me! It was exactly what I was looking for as a photo prop. Do NOT get it wet though! My baby drooled on it during photo shoot and the die started to come off. This is by far my favorite rose. Lovely! Realistic!! Life-like! 

Amy Beecher: Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful Rose!, an installation of video, text, and sound, opens May 27th. Opening: 6-9PM. Artist’s reading: 7PM.