Andrea Lynn Santos

October 17th -November 11th, 2013


GRIN is pleased to present ASYLUM, a debut solo-exhibition of 2D and 3D works by Andrea Lynn Santos.

The word asylum can be ambivalent; for some it has negative or even frightening connotations. But an asylum is a refuge; it provides protection and shelter from harm.

This exhibition is a divulgence into recurring themes of the artist's current work surrounding the idea of veiling vs. exposing the self. Santos' aim is to portray a common thread between the asylums we create through our ritualistic habits such as collecting and hoarding memorabilia and the inherent loss through accumulation. She is interested in the regeneration and impermanence of these sheltered spaces, in both physical and spiritual worlds.

"The metamorphoses I have experienced throughout my creative career, both personally and artistically continue to be sources of fascination that inform my work. The cycles of repetition, flux and reincarnation that occur while I am producing prints are factors that resonate with me conceptually and begin conversations. By transforming the surface and implementing other experimental methods, I am able to build upon these dialogues while giving impetus to new projects. The veil-like qualities and regenerative elements of printed materials define my process of conceptualization; materials and media are used to solidify personal spiritual reflection and experiences." - Andrea Santos


About the artist:

Andrea Lynn Santos received her BFA in printmaking from Massachusetts College of Art & Design in 2011. She has recently relocated from Boston to Providence to become a resident at AS220 and to take textile courses at RISD. While in Providence, she is continuously developing collaboration and exchange projects with print studios in Europe.



Looking Inward and Outward, Greg Cook, Providence Phoenix, 2013
Review: Asylum at GRIN Gallery, Anya Ventura, Big Red & Shiny, 2013