After five years and fifty shows, we have decided to close our location in Providence, Rhode Island. This city has served as an amazing launching pad, and the local support we've received here over the years has been staggering. Despite that, we aren’t able to sustain the brick and mortar space in its current capacity, and think it’s unfair to our artists and ourselves to push something that’s unable to move forward.  

Like many other gallerists and curators around the world, we've realized that the traditional gallery model is not able to meet our ambition. We will be moving towards a more nomadic program; producing purposeful shows when and where we are able, and focusing on community and collaboration with like-minded individuals everywhere. We're sad about the end of this era, but unrelentingly excited about the future. This was a difficult decision for us to make, but ultimately, and undoubtedly, is in the very best interest of the art and artists we want to support.

Thanks for everything, you wonderful community. Keep in touch!

♡ Corey & Lindsey ♡